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Those who have checked the Canadian market at least a few times will immediately recognize some gaps in the information on the website of write my essay. According to the creators of it, the write my essay Canada website is 47% cheaper than other Canadian companies. The range in prices on this market is so big, this estimate is impossible to make. But, even if it was possible, the numbers are definitely not accurate, and you’ll know it immediately when you see the prices. Now, write my essay for me has attractive prices, but these numbers are ridiculous and an obvious trick.

As you can imagine, this got us a bit frustrated and much more willing to go through with our write my essay review. So, we started by reading many write my essay reviews and moved onto making an order to verify what we have learned. Keep reading to find out more.

Services overview

The services that are offered at this write essay for me company cover a large range. This list is not the biggest we have found, but it is satisfactory since it consists of all we could come up with when we thought of papers assigned to students from high school to PhD studies. To be more, they have one unique offer that very few share (for the obvious reasons) – deadlines of 1 and 3 hours. This idea sounds really bad to us and, if you think about it, it sounds very improbable. You are allowed to reach out to this write essay for me Canada service and order a paper of as many pages you want to be delivered in an hour – and they promise to comply.

However, since there were a lot of comments that mentioned problems with paper delays, we hardly doubt that they can guarantee such fast deliveries. Even if they can, we don’t see how such rushed papers can be of amazing quality as they promise to always deliver.

Prices overview

The prices at writemyessay might not be that much cheaper than other companies as they claim they are, but they are cheap indeed. In fact, with the discounts, their prices fall under what we consider to be a dangerous category. This is because they are too cheap to yield as high a quality as this service promotes.

Here are some price examples you’ll come across on this write my essay online website:

  • Undergraduate essay in 10 days for $14.95 per page
  • Master’s essay in 7 days for $20.93 per page
  • PhD essay for 20 days for $18.97 per page
  • High school essay for 24 hours for $40 per page

This is significantly cheaper from what the top rated services online and on this website require you to pay. It’s what makes it a bit dangerous, too, and what made us hesitant about ordering here in the first place.


With a first-time customer discount of 15%, these prices might be able to reach that percentage of cheaper pricing mentioned before. But, it’s not a long-lasting discount and, with those prices, can you really expect the promised quality?

There are also loyalty program discounts, and unique ones that we have never come across before. There’s the common 5% to 15% discount program, but it doesn’t apply to number of pages ordered. The first discount applies after 3 orders made on the site. With seven orders, you get 10% lifelong offer. And, when you order 10 different papers or projects or services, you get the lifelong 15% to use on every following order.

Quality of the service

Well, the outcome of our order was obvious with those prices, but we still hoped for better. To write this review, we decided to take a leap and order here. It was a mistake, but at least it gives us a chance to give you a real-time evaluation of the results from an order from this website.

The paper we received was bad in many ways. It was plagiarized with a percentage of 33%, which is really high and something that no academic institution would accept. Then, it had more mistakes than we could count. When we lost count of this, we were absolutely sure that the person who wrote it wasn’t good in English, so he wasn’t really a Canadian writer as they say. To make things worse, the support management didn’t take the necessary steps to fix any of this.

Support management

The support listened to our complaints, but didn’t respond in the way we expected. Even though many speak of delays without any refunds, their reason for rejecting our refund request based on the plagiarism was because ‘the company only refunds customers who haven’t received their orders in time’. This is really untrue and of course, extremely unfair.


Write my essay was disappointing in so many ways when we used them to get a paper. They make false promises and deliver bad papers. The company doesn’t take any responsibility over their writers’ actions, which is even more disappointing.




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