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  • Services - 8.9/10
  • Prices - 9.5/10
  • Discounts - 9.1/10
  • Quality - 9.6/10
  • Support Management - 8.4/10


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Every one of us has thought the same thing at least once: can I make someone write essays for me? Well, there’s apparently a service that answers this question and their name is write essay for me. To be honest, we never saw this website before someone pointed out to its existence. This was shocking because it turns out that it is extremely popular. The majority of write essays for me reviews were really positive, which made our interest grow even more. 

So, we dug around a little, did our own evaluation and made our purchase. Do you want the results from it? Then read this write essays for me review. 

WriteEssaysForMe Services overview

Write My Essay for Me lost a couple of points in our rating system not because they have a bad service list, but because of the website. It needs some improvement, especially in presenting the list of services. But, the good thing here is that the list is excellent, really big and all-encompassing. If you know that they have many writers and services or at least check the prices page, you’ll know that they offer everything that is passed onto the hands of a student today.

This include essays, term papers, research papers, projects, dissertations, theses, editing, proofreading, and plenty of other choices you can pick from. If you want the entire list, go in the prices page or jump right into the order form. 

Write Essays For Me Prices overview

The first surprise was the popularity of the company. The second was the pricing. When you google write my essay and this service shows, you’ll learn that it’s very popular with other students. We didn’t learn about it that way. We got a recommendation from someone else that looked for a write my essay online service and came across this one. So naturally, when we tested the good quality and learned that it’s a true gem, we expected higher prices. 

write essays for me pricing

The company’s founders did not let the fame get to their heads. They made a nice list of prices, accompanied by nicer discounts. Here are some prices that you could be asked to pay here, discounts excluded:

  • Standard quality essay in 10 days – $19.99 per page
  • Premium quality essay in 7 days – $22.99 per page
  • Platinum quality essay in 5 days – $25.99 per page

The difference between these quality options for a single deadline is so small, it’s even strange. It takes $2 extra to switch from standard to premium or from premium to quality standard, which is amazing. It means that the prices are good for all levels, including the highest levels like Doctorate. 


The fixed discount for newcomers that’s been there from the start is 14%, though the company often throws a new, improved offer on the website. When we ordered, the discount went up to 15% for new orders. For returning customers, this is not specified, but we asked the support (yes, once again, an issue with the website information). Once again, they offer a really great option but failed to present it properly. The loyalty program gives up to 15% as a loyalty discount based on how much you’ve ordered. It’s a great way to save money while ordering. 

Quality of the service

The experience we had with the actual writers and their work was as our friend told us it would be. In fact, it was as others have described in their testimonials – accurate and masterful. The research paper we put an order for came in time, but that was just the beginning of our happy journey. We first checked it with a plagiarism scanner – zero plagiarism. It was all original with the proper formatting, the style we requested. 

That wasn’t the only thing we requested from the writer in our order description. We asked for quite a lot of things, and he or she complied to everything – literally. 

Support management

There wasn’t a single thing that would make us want to ask for any changes. So, when we had to reach the support team to see if they’re good, we just had a talk with them about the discounts and some website information. This showed us that they are ready to respond at any time. They have several methods you can use, including the free-of-charge live chat and the toll-free phone numbers you can call. The support is really good, so they have a plus in this part of our review, too.


The only bad thing about this company was not really bad at all. They have some glitches in the website information, but nothing big because the truth is, they are better from what they present on the site. This is rare – most companies do the opposite. This service provides all that they promise on the website and more. That’s why we gave it such a high rating.

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