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This is the first time that we see a writing company that offers a resume review service. When you open the pages of topresume, that’s the first thing that shows up. It’s unclear what this offer stands for, so we immediately clicked and tested it. It turns out that you can send your ready resume, the one you’ve been sending out to employers, and their experts will take a look at it for you and give you their professional opinion.

Don’t expect a full review or editing of your mistakes. This is not an editing offer, it’s just a nice, free way to learn why your resume doesn’t work. Of course, it’s also a very tricky marketing strategy, but it definitely made us want to do this topresume review even more.

TopResume Services

The topresume reviews are rather mixed, but most speak of good quality of the resume service. However, this service lost some big points in our rating because they lack many services. In fact, they only have one main service – resumes, and two adjoining services that you only get if you purchase a package – cover letter and LinkedIn profile makeover.

Topresumeaustralia has three offers, and only one of them is for an individual service. There aren’t cover letters, CVs, LinkedIn profile services that you can order separately, or any of the remaining items that usually take part of a job application.

This is a real pity because this company appears legit and popular. In the topresume customer reviews, we found no issues with delays or use of template, which makes it one of the trustworthy companies. But, most people usually need more than just a resume and a cover letter. Even if they can order the rest elsewhere, they might decide to skip this choice of a service since other companies have packages that offer better, bulk prices for packages that contain CVs, thank-you letters, follow-up letters, and other popular resume services.

Top Resume Prices overview

As we said, only three things are offered here, two of which are packages. The first is called professional growth and contains only a resume service. Yes, there are plenty of features listed below, but not really actual products. This is a description of what you get, which consists of keyword optimization, and formatting. This package costs A$149, which isn’t really cheap for just a resume (without their popular 60-days interview guarantee).

If you want their renowned guarantee and the extra security it offers, you need one of the two other packages offered:

  • Career evolution package – resume, cover letter, guarantee, and two free revisions for A$219
  • Executive priority package – resume, cover letter, guarantee, and LinkedIn profile for A$349

Now, the guarantee for revisions after the timeframe of 60 days is proven to be legit, which is excellent news. However, the packages are very highly priced, so not everyone can afford them. This made our top resume review get a bit of a lower rating despite the good reputation of the company.

TopResume Discounts

The only complaints we read about in top resume reviews were about the pricing. There aren’t discounts here. The three prices we listed above have been the same since the beginning. We went through every review we could find online, but none of them mentioned any kind of a special offer or a loyalty discount.

Quality of the service

Topresume has made a good choice of a name because the quality of the service is really among our favourite. The resume package we requested had a well-written resume and a cover letter, exactly as we thought it would be after we read the comments from customers.

The plagiarism scanner we always use showed zero plagiarism. The cover letter appeared to be fully custom and not a template. The resume was perfectly organized and formatted, with the right information highlighted in a professional-looking way. We were extremely satisfied with the delivered quality, though the prices remained concerning even at this point.

Support management

Because of the big prices, we spoke to the support to see if they’d be willing to offer some kind of a discount. The support is legit and professional, as well as easily reachable via the live chat option. But, they couldn’t offer us any discount, so we ended up paying the steep price for just a resume and a cover letter service.

They did, however, offer us the free revisions if we needed them after the 60-days interview waiting period. The quality of the product was good, so we didn’t feel the need to ask for a revision.

Summary is a quality resume company with a limited service list and a bit of a steep pricing list. We found their writers’ work to be above average and the support was really fast and professional. Even so, we don’t see many who could afford the prices they charge when they’re looking for a job.




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