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Resumes Planet Review

It’s rare to find a service with a superior, unbroken reputation online. To our great satisfaction, all the resumes planet reviews we have read before we ordered were positive. This hardly ever happens and it’s an amazing start of a review. For a service to maintain such a high praise from all customers, they have to do a really good job, constantly. Naturally, we were intrigued. Ergo, our research and the outcome – this resumesplanet review.

Resumes Planet Services

When you are trying to order from Resumes Planet, you’ll discover a big list of combined packages and individual services. After checking the list thoroughly, we discovered that it all comes down to six main services: resumes, CVs, cover letters, thank-you letters, follow-up letters, and LinkedIn profile service.

This is basically all that you might be asked to submit when you write a job application. For the benefit of the customers, Resumesplanet has different packages that make all possible combinations of those six services. That being said, you can order some of the following packages from this website (in addition to an individual service):

  • Resume + CV writing
  • CV + cover letter writing
  • Resume + LinkedIn profile + cover letter writing
  • Cv + LinkedIn profile + thank-you and follow-up letters

These are just a couple of the packages offered in the service list.

ResumesPlanet Prices Overview

The prices in this company are exceptional, and not only because of the quality they are known for. Compared to many companies that offer the same services and similar packages, the pricing here is really fair. At the moment of the writing of this resumes planet review, many of the packages have discounts. From the resumesplanet reviews, we have learned that there are always such discounts, though very often – on different packages.

resumes planet prices

Here are some examples of what the pricing of is like:

  • Resume and cover letter – $135
  • Resume, cover letter, thank-you and follow-up letters – $165
  • Resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter – $189

The individual services don’t have such attractive prices since the packages have an extremely reduced quote. For example, a resume service costs $109 and a cover letter costs $49. Both together cost $135.

In addition to the packages and services, customers will also get some free features like an interview tips list, a list of international recruiting agencies, and a list of top 10 job sites. You can also pay to get your cover letter in an electronic version, or pay the service to distribute your resume to various employment agencies (cost is $59).

Resumes Planet Discounts

There are discounts applied to all packages since the cost is lower if you order their services in a batch. But, in addition to the packages being a more affordable option, Resumesplanet often reduces these quotes even more. There’s no resumes planet discount code you should use since the prices appear discounted on the pricing and ordering page.

resumesplanet discounts

For example, the resume and cover letter package comes with a 15% discount, while the resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile package comes with a 20% discount. You can view their offers on the discounts page, or in the table on the pricing page.

Quality of the services

To make sure that all the data we’ve gathered is accurate, we also ordered. The smart move was to order a package because the difference between a resume and a package was insignificant, plus it gave us a chance to evaluate the quality of several products the company delivers.

Five days later, we received our package (that’s the option we chose, while you can also choose a tighter deadline if you pay a higher quote). The package contained all the items we ordered: resume, cover letter, and thank-you and follow-up letters. Everything was of great quality. The resume was to the point and highlighted the key qualifications based on the request we sent them. The cover letter was definitely not a template since it was extremely focused on the job we sent as a sample, and it showed zero plagiarism when we scanned it. The remaining two products were of high quality, too.

Support management

Many of the resume companies we’ve seen don’t have an instant support service. We were really satisfied by the fact that has a non-stop service. This was refreshing and makes customers feel safe, but the best part about it is that they have multiple contact options, including a live chat and toll-free numbers. The support provides immediate and high-quality help when you reach them.


Nowadays, it is hard to find a service whose resume work will give you the best shot at landing a job with your qualifications. Some are too expensive, while many of them use templates instead of doing custom work. So, finding a custom service like resumesplanet was a positive and welcome surprise to us. This is not a highly priced service and their work is 100% original. This company deserves the highest rating.




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