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Almost every writer out of over 200 writers employed by Paperleaf has a five-star rating. Even if they have the greatest system for hiring experts, this is highly unlikely. They have listed only the top-rated writers on the homepage, but you get access to each Paperleaf review about bidders when they bid on your paper. Yes, that’s right – this is a bidding company.

Imagine our shock when we could hardly find a good review outside of their website after reading amazing things about the writers on it. This showed us that the company uses fraudulent tricks to make you buy, which made us want to do this review even more. So, let’s see what came of it.

Paperleaf Services

There is a big, full list of services to pick for. It’s hard to imagine that you won’t find what you need there because they even have statistics projects and business plans. But, just in case you don’t, you can click on other and tell the bidders what you need exactly. Those who feel qualified enough and confident enough will bid, and you can choose the writer and the price for your order.

It seems like Paperleaf Canada has a big enough number of writers to be able to respond to all orders. They don’t guarantee that you’ll always get bids, which is tricky, but since they have over 200 people working freelance for them, it’s safe to say that you’ll get a few. In our case, we got more than 10 bids within 15 minutes from placing an order. Some of the writers didn’t have any qualifications or experience in the field and yet, they decided to bid on it, which was strange.

Paperleaf Pricing Policy

Nothing on the website prepares you for the quotes, and not even we can tell you what to expect. What we can tell you is that Paper Leaf hasn’t bothered to set pricing restrictions for their bidders, at least not realistic ones. So, be prepared to get some bids that are so ridiculously low that they can’t possibly be good news for your paper.

We got a bid of less than $10 for a page for a paper that was due in 3 days. The more surprising part of this was that the person who bid with this quote was really qualified, or at least that’s what his profile said. He had five stars, amazing comments, and apparently – a Master’s degree. That’s who we chose for our order.

We weren’t really hopeful about this, naturally, because of the price. But, the rating of the writer was confusing, despite the fact that he didn’t appear at all professional during our conversation, and made silly mistakes in his writing. The paper was no different. It’s safe to say now that this person was not who he claimed to be, and there is no way that he got so many good comments for his writing. His English wasn’t even good – not to mention the quality of research he completed, which was disastrous.

Paper leaf Discounts

Don’t expect discounts since they can’t be given in such companies. The company doesn’t influence the pricing but only collects some payment from the writer. For their involvement in this, they don’t seem to do anything. The support failed to reply to our request two times and the third ended up abruptly when we asked for a refund because of the fake information about the writer. We never heard from them again.

Other features

There aren’t features worth mentioning about this website. Scratch that – there aren’t features on this website at all. You can ask for any detailed requests during your order placement, and discuss them with the writer you choose. They do mention some guarantees of delivery and quality, even plagiarism, but none of them work. We are a proof of it.

As a matter of fact, we decided to apply to work as a writer just to see how their hiring process goes. They didn’t ask us to prove any of the qualifications in the resume, even though it was all fake. In fact, we even have a profile and can bid to student’s orders now, which is devastating because it means that they’d hire just about anyone to get more bidders.

Conclusion is horrible service and we have many things that prove this. They have cheap prices as they so proudly mention on the homepage, but that’s it – all that’s good about this service. You can order within any deadline and any paper, but you can never be sure about the qualifications of the people who bid on your paper. There’s no support that would handle any arising issues, which puts students who order here at great risk of losing their money and getting no good paper in return.




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