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Careers Booster Review

Careers booster has thrived on the resume market since it first showed up. According to the many job seekers who have wrote careersbooster reviews after ordering there, the company is a great source of quality products like resumes, cover letters, as well as services like resume distribution and LinkedIn profile service.

We put a great deal of trust into reviews, especially when they are so positive and numerous as the careers booster reviews on the wide web. Even so, our goal is to provide you with specific and 100% accurate information. Therefore, we did a close search of the service and did the following careersbooster review.

Careers Booster Services

On the website of the careersbooster resume writing service, job applicants will find everything they’ll need to send a job application. All the products required by employers are listed on the site, both individually and in packages. Almost every careers booster review we read speaks of a package, which is understandable. Packages are preferred because they come at highly discounted prices. Also, most employers request several documents as part of the application.

The services that are offered on the website are: resume, CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, thank-you letter, follow-up letter, as well as resume distribution. They offer both writing and editing services. This was a pleasant surprise because most companies don’t offer to polish a ready application.

These are sold separately and in different packages. The packages make every combination you can think of and come with various discounts.

Careers Booster Prices Overview

This part was another pleasant surprise. This type of popularity usually means a price that few people can afford, which is tricky when you need help finding a job. But, Careers Booster is not as expensive as we thought it would be. Their pricing table is far from cheap, but the packages have a really appealing price. If you order two or three separate services, it costs significantly more. If you order them in a package, the discounts range between 15% and 30%.

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Here are some examples of the prices you’ll find on the site:

  • Resume and cover letter writing – $179
  • Resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter – $245
  • Resume service – $155
  • CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter – $275

As you can see, if you get only a resume, the price is very similar to getting the package that combines it with a cover letter. The cover letter itself costs $55, but the package has 15% off, which is a fine offer.

At this point, we realized why people prefer the packages. Even if you need a single product, you’re still better off getting a package for a couple bucks extra. Individual services are not really cheap here.


As we said, the discounts range between 15% and 30%. The prices have remained the same for the past few years, but the company is known to switch between packages when they add discounts to them. Still, every package has an attractive discount. There’s no careers booster discount code to use – the discounts are already calculated and presented in the price and order pages.

Quality of the service

While we checked the feedback and the website, we also waited for a package delivered by this company. The original deadline is 5 days which gives the best prices. You can speed things up by choosing one of the remaining deadline options (3 days, 48 hours, and 24 hours). These are pricier, but if you’re in a hurry, it’s good to know that the company has good rating for deadline adherence.

They met our deadline, but that’s not all. The package we got had a resume in it, as well as a cover letter and a LinkedIn profile service. The first two products were custom and showed no plagiarism. But more importantly, they were perfectly crafted. The LinkedIn profile was made from scratch by using the information we sent them. It looked professional and highly organized. We were really happy with the outcome of this order.

Support Management at Careers Booster

Not that we needed it, but it is always good to know that there’s someone to call if you have some problems. That’s how the support management works on the site – nonstop on the live chat. Some companies don’t even bother providing a 24/7 service, but this company went beyond just that. They also have toll-free numbers you can call if you want more urgent and direct assistance.


There’s hardly any flaw we can point to after reviewing We weren’t disappointed by anything. On the opposite, we were pleasantly surprised by the pricing of the packages, the quality of our package, and the support management service. This is one of the unique, safe and quality resume services you can use for your job search.




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