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Soon after we started researching Canadian Writings, we came across a peculiar, very concerning finding. For a company that promises the ‘best writing quality from Canadian experts’, this service has disappointed many students who’ve decided to write a Canadian writings review with the quality. Word on the Internet is that this company doesn’t just hire Canadian experts as they say, which made us want to proceed with our research even more. If you want details on why they got such low rating from us in the end, read until the end of this review.

Canadian Writings Services overview

Maybe they don’t deliver work from Canadian writers, but the reality is – this company offers a lot. Their list captures all service types in the following categories: writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading, copywriting, dissertation writing, admission services, and even resume/ cv services. This makes its scope wider than just academic works. At this point, we realized that Canadianwritings is a service for both students and job seekers. This is good for students because, if and when they graduate, they can use it one more time to apply for the job they are aiming to get.

CanadianWritings Prices overview

Whenever we read bad comments like we did here, we expect low prices. That’s what most of the scam companies do – it is their trick to convince you to buy without checking their reputation outside of the impressive website. But, this case was different.

The prices of are not as cheap as we are used to. They aren’t high at all, but we’d consider them average. Here are some examples of what these prices look like:

  • High school essay within 14 days for $17.11 for a page
  • Sophomore essay within 14 days for $19.75 for a page
  • Master’s and Doctoral level essay within 7 days for $32.92 for a page
  • Senior’s level essay within 48 hours for $38.14 for a page

As you can notice, the price examples don’t fall in the low pricing range and aren’t as high as we’ve seen them on this market. If we didn’t know better from the reviews, this would convince us that the company might be working with legit writers.

Discounts at Canadian Writings

Well, with the discounts, the prices get a lot cheaper, which sort of makes the reputation understandable. Some of the top rated companies we have checked and reviewed on this website have higher prices and their final, discounted quotes resemble the original rates of this company.

Speaking of discounts, there isn’t a Canadian writings discount code per se, but there is a 20% discount for every new customer added to their first order automatically. There are also three different discounts in the loyalty program. If you have used a couple of companies or checked several services, you surely know of this type of loyalty program – it is extremely popular and widely used. Basically, you accumulate pages with ordering from the company and once you meet the set requirements (15 pages for 5%, 51 pages for 10%, 101 pages for 15%), you’re given a lifelong discount to use.

Quality of the service

This was the part we feared the most and were right to do so. When the paper arrived, all those things the company says about Canadian, great writers became worthless. This is definitely not the kind of service that works with natives only, which is obvious by the quality and language proficiency of the person who wrote the research paper we got from them.

Since this is a shared opinion of many, we can definitely conclude that quality is a serious issue here. Despite the solid rates and service list, so many mistakes in an order are unacceptable. Not to mention, our order came 35% plagiarized. This is even worse than the errors that we had to edit on our own.

Support management

We wouldn’t have to go through the paper to remove errors if the company had a reliable support management service. Yes, the customer support team responds fast, but they aren’t equipped or allowed to handle this type of issues. For such a serious problem with plagiarism, we were quickly rejected when we asked for a refund. They didn’t even comply with the request we sent to them for editing of the mistaken and more importantly, copied content that our plagiarism scanner found.

Summary for review

For a company that charges the prices found on this site and promises wonderful things, Canadian writings surely disappoints. Their prices aren’t really low, but their quality is. We now understand why their reputation wasn’t so great and why there are angrier customers here than in most low-quality services. Unlike others who at least charge little when they assign non-natives to write a Canadian paper, this company charges a solid rate. That’s why we can’t recommend them for use.




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