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Checking bidders and choosing how much money you’ll spend on an essay can be very interesting and appealing. There are many students who, because of their low budget, choose this method when they buy papers. But, for it to be safe, the service offering it must be certain about their writers’ qualifications. After reading many, many edubirdie reviews, we are pretty sure that this company pays little attention to who they hire. That’s what makes the company a really risky choice.

But, despite the bad reputation that was obvious from almost every Edubirdie review we got our hands on, we decided not to judge so early. So, here you have our review as written after we received a paper from the Edubirdie Canada company (there are several EduBirdie sites for different areas).

Edubirdie Services Overview

You can choose anything – literally anything – when you order from They list some of the most general services, the papers that are common at all schools, such as essays and research papers. But, they put no limitation for ordering anything so, as long as you choose other, you can write down the details and wait for bids.

We’d say that you cannot be certain if you’ll receive bids on a difficult paper or project, but this hasn’t happened. In fact, Edubirdie has a lot of writers that bid on papers, many of which tend to bid on just about anything – regardless of their background. This was evident when we placed our order and received over 15 different bids, half from writers with an entirely different area of experience.

Prices Policy at Edubirdie

While it’s great to know that you can order anything and get bids, as well as choose your spending on the website, you can never know what you will get when you order. We, for example, got a wide range of prices. It took us a lot of time to make a choice. Some had brilliant qualifications and ridiculous prices that can never be found in a decent and high-rated company. This was shocking, so that’s who we chose – a really qualified bidder who chose to charge us very little for a very complex paper.

Naturally, it ended disastrously. Our experience only proved what we knew from the comments – that the writers’ profiles can be inaccurate. Edubirdie definitely failed to check our writer because he wasn’t a PhD expert. He wasn’t fluent in English, even, which was evident from the number of mistakes in the paper. To our biggest surprise, he had amazing feedback, obviously fake.

Discounts Overview

There are no discounts with bidding companies. If you have used some in the past, you already know that they cannot offer discounts. They don’t offer the prices in the first place, so it all comes down to what you agree on with the bidders. You can talk to bidders and ask for discounts, or reach out to one you’ve used before. So far, we didn’t read a comment that spoke of someone who uses the same writer for papers. In fact, we still haven’t read many comments from happy customers that are loyal to the service.

Other features

There aren’t many features on this website. You can ask for just about anything and see if bidders accept your requests and how much they’ll charge for it. The more details you provide in your order, the better. As long as you find someone qualified, really qualified, you should be able to get whatever you need. Still, this is very risky and hard to find.

To our surprise, there’s a full testimonial page on the website that has many amazing reviews and no bad reviews at all. It makes it seem like the writers here are all overly qualified and never do mistakes. To make things even worse, they haven’t published a single complaint even though there are many of them outside the website. They’ve either handpicked the good ones or made them up altogether. But, after looking through comments online, we are certain that this is a scam strategy to convince you that the company is safe.

Conclusion for Ca.Edubirdie is equally badly rated as the other websites under this name, such as,, or Yes, the company has decided to create many different websites to attract more people, though they didn’t bother to change the design or the content on their websites.

This bidding company has a nice-going system with unlimited service options and good prices. But, they evidently don’t check their writers, which frequently results in bad papers, plagiarized papers, and unhappy customers. When this happens, the company doesn’t take any responsibility for it. Despite their claims on the site, EduBirdie hasn’t helped customers in resolving problems like the one we had with the writer.




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