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In a couple of months, Bestessay will reach two decades of delivering academic works to students across the globe. This will make the company one of the oldest and most established services on this market, which says a lot about their quality even without us looking into the details. Regardless, our Bestessay review would be rather incomplete without a full overview of their services, prices, discounts, and features. So, without further ado, let’s explore all their offers in the Best essay review below.

BestEssay Services Overview

Into all those years of hard work (we can assume that this is the case considering how popular the Best essay writing service is throughout the years), the company has created a very big services list. At this point, you can find anything there, no matter your level or major. They seem to be experts in everything from essay writing (all types of it) to dissertation projects and admission papers. In other words, you could be using this service from start to finish – from the moment when you’re trying to enroll in some school until the point where you receive your degree.

This is great news but, if you consider that many companies have full lists, it is safe to say that this isn’t the reason behind all the good Bestessay reviews. You’ll find the reasons below.

BestEssay Pricing

We can’t say that the prices at Best Essay are cheap – at least not at first. Without the discounts that we’ll discuss below, the prices aren’t what most students consider attractive. The rates for papers that you order at least 10 days ahead are very acceptable for the quality offered, maybe even great. But, if you delay your ordering, they can be really steep. Thankfully, their discounts fix all this, especially when a loyal customer orders regularly on the website.

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But, let’s look at the original rates before we jump into the discounts offers.

Discounts Overview

There are three silver discounts on the pages. In fact, there’s a fresh page for discounts that gives you all the details you need, without hidden information or tricks. You can get three types of loyal discounts – 5%, 10%, and 15%. These discounts are based on a calculation. When you order a certain number of pages in total from the point when you make a profile here, you are entitled a discount. You get this discount on every future order until you reach the next milestone. The biggest lifelong offer is the 15% discount, which is an excellent offer, truth to be told.

For quite some time now, they offer their best discount to new customers also. With a discount of 15%, you can freely check their praised quality of service to see if what they promise is real. That’s exactly what we did and, we must say that the quality supersedes the price by a lot.

Other Features

There are many additional features. You can find them in the order form when you decide to proceed and make an order here. Firstly, you can choose between UK and US writing. UK writings cost more, but the price isn’t much steeper. Furthermore, you can pay $4.99 for VIP support, $9 to have your paper written by their top 10 writers, $5.50 to have it proofread by one of their editors, $11.69 for their VIP package, and $21.99 for a one-page summary for your paper.

If you are wondering what the package contains, you should know that it combines VIP support, the top 10 writers expertise, as well as the editing service. The price is reduced by 40% if you purchase this package so naturally, it’s the most popular one that they offer.

Throughout the year, if you open the homepage often, you can find some great discounts. They are known for their unexpected and generous special offers during holidays and other occasions.

Conclusion for BestEssay

This has been one of the most impressive experiences we have had with a writing company. Best Essay is popular for not just one reason, but many of them. They aren’t cheap but have nice discounts. The quality is insurmountable and unbeaten by most of its competition. That’s why they’ve remained popular for so long. We’ve confirmed what all the reviews said by ordering from them – the quality is really impressive. To be more, they have fully responsive and really professional support service.




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