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It is not easy to find a good Canadian online writing company. Scratch that. It’s not easy to find good services anywhere. What all students hope to get are the best essays for prices that don’t burn huge holes in their pockets. They are right to do so – the market shouldn’t be so scammed.

So, when we find a company with so many good reviews like the best essays reviews are online, we get really excited. It’s really rare for a writing company to get good feedback from everyone, especially not in over two decades of work. That’s what started this high rated best essays review, but it was just the beginning. The rest follows below.

Best Essays Canada Services

Some of the services we have seen and used have only few papers. Some focus on many academic papers, and others focus on content like resumes. The surprising fact about best essays Canada is that they focus on it all – and it works out great for them.

The list here is not big – it’s enormous. It captures all the essays and research papers, dissertations and projects you get at school. But, it also has resume writers that offer their assistance with your job search when you graduate. There are a couple of companies that have offered this when we reviewed them, but none with such a great reputation as

Canada BestEssays Prices Overview

Canada Bestessays has a finely tuned price list. The cheapest prices are those of standard quality, suitable for the lower academic levels. For higher quality and more educated writers with Master’s or PhD degrees, there are two other quality levels – premium and platinum. These have a slightly higher fee for different papers and of course, different deadlines.

bestessays canada prices

You should see the price table for your quote, but just to give you a heads up, here are some sample prices:

  • Standard quality essay with 10-days deadline – C$27.92 for a page
  • Premium quality essay with 4-days deadline – C$36.30 for a page
  • Platinum quality essay with 7-days deadline – $36.30 for a page

These are prices without discounts and you probably won’t have to pay these, not if you are a new customer or if you already reached a level in the loyalty program.

BestEssays Discounts

Speaking of the loyalty program levels, the first to reach is the silver level. This one is for 5% and applies to any order you make after you accumulate at least 15 pages of content. Then, with over 51 pages of content, you get the golden discount of 10%. One hundred and one pages of content give you the platinum discount of 15% – forever. These are all cumulative discounts and you don’t need codes for them.

bestessays canada discount code

For the newcomers’ discount, you need the best essays discount code ‘begin 15’. As you can assume, the discount applies 15% on your first order. It’s a really nice discount and if your paper is at least 15 pages long like our order was, you never really have to pay the original rates.

Quality of the service

The prices aren’t low, but discounts are impressive. So at this point, we were hopeful about the company, especially because of those comments we spoke about. So, we ordered a big research paper to be delivered 4 days later. We picked Premium quality since this is the most frequently mentioned choice in testimonials. It’s good for everything except PhD level. If you’re that high on the academic ladder, you’re best of choosing the highest quality type of service.

The quality that Bestessays provided us with impressed us even more. It was fast and really accurate because the writers followed all the instructions we sent to the point. It was also greatly written, which says only good things about the writers. And it was original, which nowadays, is something we rarely find and highly appreciate.

Support management

When you have problems with a service, you need to be able to complain about it or demand a solution. We didn’t have one, but we made sure to learn what would happen if anyone had a problem with this service. So, we used one of their methods of contact (they have a live chat, phone, and e-mail contacts listed on the website) to get in touch with the support management. The live chat is the most popular since it’s free for all, and from our experience, it’s rapid and very convenient. The agents are a pleasure to talk to.

Summary of Best Essays Canada

We could hardly find any flaw with this service, no matter how carefully and thoroughly we looked. This is amazing if you consider that they’ve worked for decades. Such a long-standing reputation is impressive. We confirmed it with our order and are now certain that bestessays in Canada deserves the high rating we gave them.




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