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1.2/10 is an assignment website.

The agency is Canada-based, and it provides writing services for all academic levels.

The main page opens up with a price calculator followed by several retractable windows and a short presentation of the services. You can open an account by clicking the “Sign In” button, or you can order by clicking the “Order Now” button.

Once you leave the main page, it’s hard to come back to it as the logo of the website is at the bottom of the page. Another odd element is the “Guarantees” section at the end of every page. It seems like the company tries to push the customer into committing before they are completely informed.

Even though the domain claims that their clients are satisfied, Affordable Papers has a 3.5/10 rating. Without further ado, you’re about to find why the scores are so low in this Affordable Papers Review.

Affordable Papers Services

As mentioned before, does not have a section dedicated to presenting the services. The only page that describes them is the main page. Here are the service features:

  • 24/7 customer support;
  • No additional charges;
  • Urgent delivery option;
  • Free bibliography;
  • Revision option;
  • No plagiarism;
  • Moneyback guarantee.

Affordable Papers doesn’t mention the fields of knowledge nor the academic levels available. As a student with urgent assignment help needs, you want to know if the site specializes in your area of expertise. You don’t have the time or the resources to waste signing in and finding out if the agency can help you.

The website claims that they offer guaranteed customer support in case of:

  • Double payment;
  • Failed delivery on time;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Unavailability;
  • Refund.

Even so, we’ve found multiple affordable papers reviews that complain about customer support. The phone number isn’t visible on the site nor any email or live chat. The only element of customer services is a FAQ section.

AffordablePapers Prices

On the main page, you can click on the “Prices” hyperlink. Affordable Papers will send you to a price table. You can select your type of service:

  • A paper written from scratch;
  • Editing or proofreading;
  • Multiple choice questions;
  • Problem-solving.

After selecting one of the four possibilities, the table of contents will show the cost of your article based on urgency and academic level. It doesn’t specify if the subject is relevant to the price or not.

The site also informs you that the estimated quote doesn’t include taxes. So the price isn’t correct since it doesn’t include additional fees or the VAT for EU citizens.

Affordable Papers allows you to order on “Order Now.” The site redirects you to a form with the following requirements:

  1. Academic level;
  2. Type of paper;
  3. Quantity of words or pages (up to 999 pages);
  4. Deadline;
  5. Single-spaced or double-spaced;
  6. Optional promotional code.

If you decide to click next, you must provide details about your order and personal contact information.


Affordable Papers offers you a 5% discount on your first order. This promotion is a third of what other essay companies provide.

In the “Prices” section, the website claims a “Loyalty Program”: the agency adds a 10% bonus into your account with every order. When you’ve accumulated enough credit, you can pay for your assignment with it. Unfortunately, according to more than one review, the site freezes when you try to transfer your credit to your customer balance.

The agency offers 10% off orders that cost more than $1,000 and 5% for more than $500. You also can’t combine bonuses or refund them.

An excellent service would pay more attention to bonuses and refunds, given that most clients are students on a low budget.


Affordable Papers claims to employ only certified writers who are proficient in English. Here’s how they hire employees:

  1. They verify their English level with Oxford Press books;
  2. They check the candidates through a 4-hour online test;
  3. The applicants write an additional paper on citations;
  4. The contestants write a sample examined by the Writers Department.

If you click on the “Testimonial” section, the reviews are excellent, and the customers are satisfied. On the other hand, the users are anonymous, which might indicate auto-generated feedback.

Moreover, we found an review, which stated that their final article wasn’t plagiarism-free. Other reports pointed out the frequent grammar and syntax mistakes typical of non-English speakers.


According to our Affordable Papers Review, the agency isn’t exceptional for the following reasons:

  1. The website has a decent design, although it limits the clients from navigating smoothly on the domain. The information is scattered, and the main page is hard to access once you leave it.
  2. The customer support is missing unless you make an account and order. 
  3. The prices aren’t as reasonable as the ones from more popular sites. The same goes for discounts and bonuses.
  4. Reviews show that they don’t employ English proficient writers. So the quality of your paper might depend on the writer you hire.
  5. The company may auto-generate their feedback.
  6. They don’t mention the areas of expertise available, so you may waste your time trying to reach an agency that can’t help you.

If you want to spend your funds on a professional essay, consider more reliable companies other than Affordable Papers.

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